Fellow Fontana interns in Netherlands

Date Posted: 
Tuesday, October 4, 2016

IGERT Fellow Casey Fontana is continuing her research on floating offshore wind turbines at Vryhof Anchors Global Maritime in Rotterdam, Netherlands for 3 months this fall.  The need for for the development of floating technology is born out of the offshore wind energy industry's transition into deeper waters. But the high cost of these floating support structures are a significant barrier in development. In efforts to reduce this high cost, Casey is investigating a multiline anchor concept in which floating turbines would share anchors with each other instead of each being moored by a separate set of anchors. A critical part of the multiline anchor concept is the proper selection and design of anchors that can withstand loading from multiple directions. As the world leader in offshore anchoring systems, Vryhof Anchors can provide the expertise to ensure the proper design, installation feasibility, and cost estimates of the multiline system.  Vryhof's commitment to the marine renewable energy industry is evidenced by their involvement in two key floating wind turbine installations - the first large scale floating wind turbine installation, Statoil's spar bouy Hywind, and Principle Power's semisubmersible WindFloat - which both use Vryhof anchors.