Fellows welcome Al-Hamra Academy to campus

Date Posted: 
Monday, February 25, 2013

On February 22, 2013 the UMass IGERT had the opportunity to learn and share with six students from the Al-Hamra Academy. The students were sixth and seventh grade girls from the first full-time accredited Islamic school in New England, participating in the Project Destination Imagination.. Part of their challenge in this event is to bring the science of wind energy into a creative piece of kinetic art that moves with the power of the wind. The children told IGERT fellows Gordie Stewart, Rachel Koh, and Jen Smetzer about their creative and scientific endeavor to recreate King Hammurabi’s first windmill, and bring it to life in a gripping and artistic performance highlighting scientific facts about wind power. The IGERT fellows talked to the girls about the basics of wind turbines, the science of minimizing the risk that offshore wind poses to birds, and the challenges of designing cost-effective turbines that can stand up to wind, waves, and the stresses of mechanical motion. The students asked the IGERT fellows excellent questions about the environmental, social, and engineering challenges of offshore wind development. It was a true meeting of the minds!