IGERT fellows assist charter school with documentary film project

Date Posted: 
Thursday, October 12, 2017

A group of seniors from Four Rivers Charter School in Greenfield, MA visited with IGERT Fellows on Wednesday morning. The students are preparing a pitch for a class project on the Block Island offshore wind farm. If the group's project is selected, the entire class will be making a documentary film about the wind farm, the first offshore park to be completed in the United States. The completed documentary film will be screened later this year at a Greenfield cinema. IGERT Fellows Casey Fontana, Zara Dowling and Bob Darrow were on hand at the Wind Energy Center to answer a wide range of questions about the engineering, politics and environmental impacts of wind energy. The Fellows assisted the student group with preparing their pitch by discussing some of the unique aspects of the Block Island wind farm and suggesting ways the students could frame their inquiry. The IGERT Fellows expressed their hope that the project will be selected for the school's documentary film, and are eager to continue assisting the students as they make progress on the film.