Drag Embedment Anchors for Offshore Floating Systems

One of the most commonly used foundation options for offshore moorings is a drag embedment anchor.  Owing to continued research and testing, a category of marine anchors has evolved into so called High Holding Power (HHP) drag embedment anchors.  Because of their very high efficiencies or performance ratios, the HHP anchors are used for offshore mooring of large floating units.  Today, many permanent as well as temporary and mobile floating units are anchored with HHP drag embedment anchors.  Vryhof Anchors alone has produced more than 9000 units of HHP anchors that have been used worldwide to moor Windmills, Tidal systems, Wave systems, MODUs, SPMs, FPUs, FSOs, FPSOs, drill ships, barges, etc.

This presentation will address the design and application of drag embedment anchors for station keeping of floating units.  The different mooring systems will be discussed and the selection of the right anchor type for various mooring systems will be presented.  The anchor designs and the testing of drag embedment anchors in the laboratory as well as under field conditions will be introduced. The class/regulatory requirements and the fulfilling of those requirements in the design process will be highlighted.  The presentation will also give examples of geotechnical design, and the anchor performance predictions at installation and during long term use.  The various anchor installation options will be introduced by using animations and videos. The presentation will conclude by presenting our latest experiences on Floating Renewables Projects.

Leo Bello is Vryhof’s Managing Director. Commuting between Rotterdam and Houston he is responsible for company activities worldwide. Leo is personally committed to support the advancement of floating renewals and has been directly involved in several projects (including VolturnUS). Leo believes in partnering with clients and researched to understand and expand value drivers for all parties involved. He is an Industrial Engineer specialized in Operations Research and Robotics and holds a Master on Business Administration from Harvard Business School.




Thursday, November 29, 2018 - 2:30pm
Kellogg Room, E-Lab 2