An Offshore Wind Energy Developer’s Perspective on Permitting: CANCELLED

Mr. Phifer joined Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind as Permitting Manager in November 2019, following a 20-year career in environmental conservation and permitting for the U.S. government. At the federal level, Mr. Phifer worked on a diverse portfolio of issues including international environmental treaties for the U.S. Department of State and for the U.S.

The ARPA Model for Breakthrough Clean Energy Research

Abstract:  Public funding for research and development in energy technology has often taken the form of hands-off grantmaking for either basic or applied research. The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) model for research funding agencies, on the other hand, features program staff with significant autonomy to make larger and riskier investments in research teams that span both basic and applied research.

Decarbonization, mysticism and the sustainable energy transition

The Paris Agreement prioritizes finance, technology and capacity-building to rapidly deploy renewable and sustainable energy technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in answer to the challenge of climate change. As these technologies grow globally many aspects of the natural, human and built environment will need to be rethought. This talk examines the mysticism of decarbonization and the sustainable energy transition considering the hubris of people balanced with the planet and profits.



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