NIMBY and PIMBY: Why People Hate—and Love—Wind Turbines

Despite public opinion that generally supports the use of wind turbines as a sustainable form of generating electricity, important segments of the population, especially those who live near them, oppose the technology, often for aesthetic and environmental reasons.  Sometimes characterized as a NIMBY phenomenon—Not In My Backyard—this attitude wins political support, such that some locales (as my state, Virginia) sport no utility-scale wind generators.

Whistling Like a Bat: Development of an Ultrasonic Whistle to Deter Bats From Wind Turbines

High bat mortality at wind turbines, and the vulnerability of rare bat populations, has led to recognition of the need for effective strategies to reduce bat mortality at wind development sites.  Curtailment of turbine operation during periods of high bat activity is one strategy which can successfully reduce mortality.  However, cut-in speed adjustments reduce power production and revenue, and may cause warranty and maintenance issues for turbines not designed with this practice in mind.  A successful deterrent has the potential to reduce impacts on bats, without altering turbine operation



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