Wind, Radars, and Interdisciplinarity in an NSF Engineering Research Center

Abstract: This presentation by the Director of CASA will cover several themes, including the IGERT, low-level wind estimation using radars, the proposed new Engineering Research Center in offshore wind energy and the potential to expand that into the realms of the IGERT, and possibly some  new research that is emerging related to infrasound and wind energy. Professor McLaughlin will articulate the social, policy, behavioral, and technical interface issues around the use of CASA in weather-determined decision making and response.

Upcoming Research Topics in Wind Power Integration

Abstract:  Wind power technology is advancing rapidly: the materials, design methods, and fabrication technologies used to manufacture machines and components of wind plants as well as the whole plants themselves; the operational strategies used to optimize energy capture, maintenance strategies, and power system support capabilities;  and the overall facilitating technologies involved in better siting and integration of wind power into the operation of the power system.  These advances come as the power system itself is experiencing rapid technological evolution due to the wide-scale integ

3D Modeling and Visualization

Abstract:  Visualization is not just a necessity in Architecture. Engineering projects of various sizes often benefit from 3D models and renderings for a variety of purposes such as for permitting, public outreach or assembly feasibility planning. This becomes even more useful when 3D visualizations are immersive and interactive.

Development of Visual Impact Assessment Methodology for Wind Turbines in Cape Cod’s Ocean Waters

Substantial debate surrounds development of offshore wind turbines in U.S. and state waters and few issues are more controversial than the visual impact of these facilities on scenic and visual resources. This session will focus on development of a Visual Impact Assessment (VIA) methodology by the Cape Cod Commission to assess the potential visual impacts of wind turbines in Cape Cod's ocean waters.



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