Barriers Facing Offshore Wind Energy In Scotland

An investigation into the potential barriers facing the development of offshore wind energy in Scotland: Case study – Firth of Forth offshore wind farm
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National Offshore Wind Strategy

US. Department of Energy - A National Offshore Wind Strategy: Creating an Offshore Wind Energy Industry in the United States. 
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MIE Course Information for the Department of Energy’s 2016 Collegiate Wind Competition

The MIE department expects to be able to offer interested students the opportunity to compete in the U.S. Department of Energy 2016 Collegiate Wind Competition by taking a series of courses in the Fall semester of 2015 and the Spring semester of 2016. This document is intended to provide information to interested students and help them in planning their courses for the coming semesters.

The 2016 Collegiate Wind Competition will be the second DOE sponsored competition for undergraduates. The DOE states:

“The U.S. Department of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition challenges undergraduate students to design a wind turbine based on market research, develop a business plan to market the product, build and test the turbine against set requirements, and demonstrate knowledge of current and emerging issues facing the wind industry. The objective of the Competition is to prepare students from multiple disciplines to enter the wind energy workforce.”

More information can be found here:

Planning for MIE students and Engineering Management Minor students
MIE students who participate in the competition will be required to take 2 courses, MIE 597WE (F2015 and S2016). For MEs, one semester of MIE 597WE will qualify as an ME Tech Elective and the other semester as an MIE Elective. For IEs, one semester will count as a Level 1 Tech Elective, the other as an IE Elective. ME majors will also take MIE 573. Students in other majors will likely be exempt from MIE 573.

Engineering Management Minor students: We are in the process of discussing options for EMM students including using this course as a capstone. More information will be available in the future.

If you are interested in participating in this course, please help us gauge interest by answering the 1-question survey at the link below. This is non-binding, but will help us determine the student interest.

• January/February, 2015: Informational meeting for interested students with Prof. Lackner and Prof. Baker.

• March, 2015: Brief application to join the team due. Depending on interest level, a selection process may be necessary.

• April, 2015: Selected students should register for MIE 573 and MIE 597WE for the Fall semester of 2015.

• April, 2015: Kick-off meeting for the team to discuss the competition and plan for the summer and Fall. • Fall semester, 2015: Take MIE 573 (MIE majors only) and MIE 597WE. MIE 597WE will have weekly meetings with a focus on market research, concept development, pre-construction, and fundraising.

• Spring semester, 2016: Take MIE 597WE. MIE 597WE will have weekly meetings with a focus on refining the business plan, prototype construction and testing.

• May, 2016: Travel to New Orleans for the DOE Wind Competition.

Further Information
The department is in the process of planning for this opportunity and completing the proposal to DOE. Interested students should wait for the informational meeting in early 2015 at which all their questions will be answered.