Fellow Nock publishes study on Irish renewables policy

Date Posted: 
Wednesday, October 4, 2017

IGERT Fellow Destinie Nock recently published an article, "Unintended consequences of Northern Ireland's renewable obligation policy," in The Electricity Journal. The article will be free to read until Nov 22, 2017. Nock has also created a 5 minute slide show on her findings, which is available at the Elsevier website:



The abstract of the research article is as follows:

Northern Ireland’s Renewable Obligation Policy radically increased the amount of small and micro-scale renewable energy generation in the country, putting strain on the small and somewhat isolated grid. We review the impacts of the policy on the generation mix, and the resulting impacts on the power grid. We discuss a range of mitigation methods, and conclude with a recommendation that countries consider flexible policies to provide incentives for stability along with renewable energy.