Micah Brewer

Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering: Wind Energy Center

Research interests include the optimization of offshore wind farms. More specifically, an interest in analyzing the relationships and the interactions between marine species and wind farms in order to minimize adverse effects imposed by the offshore development, coupled with the maximization of power production.

Micah is a 2007 graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology where he received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Shortly thereafter he begin his career in the energy industry in Poza Rica, Mexico but made a career change to focus on the renewable energy industry. During this time he followed a path which was led by his passion, to develop renewable resources in order to transition from carbon based to clean energy sources. This path brought him to the University of Massachusetts where his Masters work focused on the environmental impacts due to fixed and floating offshore wind turbines. He hopes to continue this work while merging it with an analysis to maximize offshore power plant production while minimizing adverse environmental impacts that could occur with a heavy focus given to the adverse effects on avian species.