Sustainability and Optimal Demand Response in Power Markets.

This presentation describes stochastic optimization and simulation modeling for demand response (DR) in residential power markets.for the Texas power market (ERCOT), but which could also be applied to other regions. The models simulate a direct load-control technique where customers' power consumption is adjusted during certain time periods called DR events. During a DR event, customers' loads are adjusted by smart thermostats. Both the simulation and the stochastic optimization models made use of uncertain elements (e.g., load, prices) to determine best DR scheduling taking in to account risk as well as expected savings by retail power providers (REPs).

 Dr. Steve Gabriel is a Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Maryland with additional appointments in the Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Scientific Computation Program.  Dr. Gabriel has extensive experience in both mathematical modeling as well as algorithm design for optimization and equilibrium (i.e., complementarity) problems in a variety of engineering and economic areas such as energy, the environment, transportation, and telecommunications. In addition to his academic background, he has over 30 years experience in industry in mathematical modeling and analysis. He has an M.S. in Operations Research from Stanford University, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences from the Johns Hopkins University.

 Professor Gabriel has over 80 publications in refereed journals, conference proceedings, and technical reports. He has been an expert panelist for the DOE (Energy Information Administration and National Technology Laboratory) in providing guidance on building an international natural gas model as well as evaluation of their fossil energy programs. Also, he has been a guest researcher at the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands in Amsterdam assisting with building certain aspects of their European natural gas market model. Lastly, Professor Gabriel works extensively with both Masters and Ph.D. students in modeling and algorithmic design for infrastructure problems. Dr. Gabriel is a member of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), Mathematical Programming Society (MPS), and a Senior member of IEEE. In addition, he has held a variety of editorial positions. 


Friday, November 8, 2019 - 12:00pm
Gunness Student Center conference room, Marcus Hall