Offshore Wind – A Certifier’s Perspective

Certification Bodies serve a very unique and important role in the development of offshore wind farms.  Of course 3rd party certification can always been seen as an important role in ensuring compliance to standards for any structure, but in offshore wind farms in particular, Certifiers ensure a uniform and compatible design between the two most important structural components of the Wind Turbine Generator (WTG), the Tower and the Foundation.  What is often overlooked or misunderstood is that WTGs have two main designers, the Turbine Manufacturer and the Foundation Desig

Robust Pathways to Meeting Climate Commitment: The Case of Mexico

Mexico has set a series of ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) emission goals in response to climate change concerns. My research focuses on the implications these goals have on the development of Mexico’s energy generation portfolio. I examine the generation expansion planning (GEP) problem in the Mexican Electrical Grid while considering national emissions goals.

Sustainability and Optimal Demand Response in Power Markets.

This presentation describes stochastic optimization and simulation modeling for demand response (DR) in residential power markets.for the Texas power market (ERCOT), but which could also be applied to other regions. The models simulate a direct load-control technique where customers' power consumption is adjusted during certain time periods called DR events. During a DR event, customers' loads are adjusted by smart thermostats.

Drag Embedment Anchors for Offshore Floating Systems

One of the most commonly used foundation options for offshore moorings is a drag embedment anchor.  Owing to continued research and testing, a category of marine anchors has evolved into so called High Holding Power (HHP) drag embedment anchors.  Because of their very high efficiencies or performance ratios, the HHP anchors are used for offshore mooring of large floating units.  Today, many permanent as well as temporary and mobile floating units are anchored with HHP drag embedment anchors.  Vryhof Anchors alone has produced more than 9000 units of HHP anchors that have been used world



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