Fluid-Structure Interaction Phenomena in Offshore Wind Turbines

When a flexible or flexibly-mounted structure is in contact with flow, it could deform or oscillate due to the fluid forces. The deformation or oscillation of the structure results in changes in the fluid forces, leading to changes in the structure’s response. This is called a fluid-structure interaction problem. In a floating wind turbine, many cases of fluid-structure interaction are observed. Large wind turbine blades, which are common for the offshore wind turbines, are susceptible to various flow-induced dynamical instabilities.

Bio-inspired Wind Energy: From fish schools and seagrass to better wind farms

Abstract: This talk will describe recent efforts using bio-inspired arrays of counter-rotating vertical-axis wind turbines to reduce the cost, size, and environmental impacts of wind farms. Full-scale field tests of 10-meter tall vertical-axis wind turbines in various counter-rotating configurations have been conducted under natural wind conditions over the past four years.



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